Why looking at page views do not tell you much when evaluating your published articles success.
22 Jul 2015

Defying cake numbers in online content, and shedding light on the ones that really matters in defining your article success.

51 advice from a father to a son
22 Jul 2015

Collection of advice from a father to son.

From Drupal-based blog to Jekyll
30 Jun 2015

A crash course on how to create and configure a website using Jekyll.

Top 100 Arabs
23 Jun 2015

A listing and scoring platform of top influential people on Twitter from Arab world.

Role Notify
23 Jun 2015

Drupal module to notify users based on roles when a new content is published.

Project Inspire
23 Jun 2015

A video on demand platform for Al Jazeera English programs based on your mood.

Node Class
23 Jun 2015

Drupal module to provide a class per node.

Field Ellipsis - Drupal Module
23 Jun 2015

Drupal module to provide a field display, and views display ellipsis.

Drupal Feeds
17 Feb 2015

Chrome extension for Drupal news.

17 Feb 2015

Random Instagram photos from different geographic locations.

24 Jul 2014

Aggregator for Facebook posts analytics when posts exceeds 500.

Get weather using Ruby and your terminal
29 May 2014

A Ruby script example on how to fetch and display weather forecast for 1 day and 7 days on a given location.

How .htaccess helped when migrated Drupal and old URLs became not found
08 Jan 2014

A how to, on how to handle redirects patterns when migrating content from a site to another