51 advice from a father to a son
22 Jul 2015

Collection of advice from a father to son.

Switching from a Drupal-based blog to Jekyll
30 Jun 2015

How to create and configure a website using Jekyll.

Get weather using Ruby
29 May 2014

A Ruby script example on how to fetch and display weather forecast for 1 day and 7 days on a given location.

Role Notify - A Drupal Module
06 Jan 2014

A Drupal module to notify specific roles on node creation, and the difference between Role Notify and Notification module

FaceShift - A reporting tool on top of Drupal to fetch any Facebook page's posts' insights
26 Dec 2013

Aggregator for Facebook posts analytics when posts exceeds 500.

Drupal to Drupal - Content Migration
26 Dec 2013

A how to, on how to migrate content from Drupal 7 to Drupal 7 using Migrate module.

Drupal 8 - How building modules is different now
18 Dec 2013

A how to, on how to build Drupal 8 modules.

Building web applications that scale
27 May 2013

General tips on web applications scalability.

Configure Chrome search engines to search the Drupal API
09 Sep 2012

A how to, on how to configure Chrome browser to search Drupal API from address bar.

Why and how to adopt agile methodologies during software development
06 Mar 2012

A brief guide on best practises when applying agile methodologies on web development projects.

Simply create CTools plugin for panels in Drupal 7
06 Jan 2012

A how to, on how to create cTools plugin for panels in Drupal.